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Cincinnati Expedited Delivery Services

Redkey Express, a family owned and operated expedited delivery service, was founded in 2001 by Jim Redkey. Jim’s 30 plus years in the transportation industry gave him a sense of customer’s true needs – provide a guaranteed, immediate shipping service with efficiency and excellence in customer service.  Today, Brian Gray, son of Lee and Jim Redkey, owns and operates Redkey Express continuing the same excellence in delivery services.

The company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, specializes in ground freight shipped direct in same day and next day deliveries for the Queen City region and all states beyond. The operation is simple: we pick up when you want, where you want and deliver to whom you want. Our focus is immediate response time with our team of professional drivers prepared to move at your command. They are qualified and trained with the necessary supplies and equipment to complete the delivery from start to finish. Whether it’s an envelope, pallet, several skids or a full semi-trailer load, we are small enough to listen and big enough to deliver.

Redkey Express can make a winning impact on your business with our positive attitude and professional approach.