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What to Consider When Looking for a Jobsite Delivery Service in Cincinnati

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Who do you call to have materials, equipment or products delivered directly to your construction site, industrial facility or other project? One of Redkey Express’s specialties is delivering lumber concrete steel plumbing fixtures electrical components machinery HVAC equipment tools and other supplies to construction, manufacturing and infrastructure development sites. We provide jobsite delivery services within […]Read More

19 Reasons to Use our Warehouses for Construction Supplies and Industrial Machinery

Choosing a warehouse for your supplies and machinery can be an arduous process. But if you know what to look for, you can confidently pick a warehouse well-suited to your needs. Be sure to check reviews and references, and speak to a manager of the warehouse—in person at the warehouse if possible—before you make a […]Read More

How We Provide Better Last-Mile Delivery

To provide excellent customer service while optimizing operations, businesses need superior last-mile delivery (the last leg in the supply chain; often considered the most important). Goods need to get to their destination quickly, cost-efficiently and accurately. Here are some strategies we use at Redkey Express to win Cincinnati last-mile delivery satisfaction: Cutting-edge route optimization With […]Read More

Holding Down Costs with Cutting-Edge Route Optimization

In order to deliver goods as cost-effectively as possible, delivery and logistics companies must have a rigorous route optimization system. In simple terms, route optimization is the ability to transport items as quickly as possible. The process, also called route planning and route scheduling, involves finding the most efficient way to make a sequence of […]Read More

Choose White-Glove Treatment for Delivery of Delicate Goods

White-glove delivery is the delivery of valuable, delicate or high-end goods. The term “white-glove” is a symbol of professionalism, cleanliness and careful handling. It refers to the special attention required when handling items that can be easily smudged or damaged. The exact origin of the term is not well-documented. In the context of delivery and […]Read More

3PL can Help Your Company Grow

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Third party logistics providers offer transportation, warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment, inventory management and more. Using a third party like Cincinnati’s Redkey Express can streamline your supply chain operations. Outsourcing non-revenue-generating tasks like logistics is smart business that lets you focus on growth. Reasons to use 3PL: For cost-efficiency We offer economies of scale to help […]Read More

Choose On Demand Delivery with a Great Track Record

We are living in an instant gratification world. A number of new delivery and shipping companies have sprung up in recent years. But when your customers need or want their documents, packages, parts or equipment delivered right away, call an on-demand delivery company with decades of experience: Redkey Express. Whether it’s an emergency replacement part […]Read More

Navigating the Road to Success: 5 Reasons to Choose Redkey Express for Cincinnati Courier Services

As a trusted trucking company rooted in Cincinnati, Ohio, Redkey Express understands the critical role that couriers play in the seamless functioning of businesses across various industries. Understanding the role of couriers, and the benefits of using affordable Cincinnati delivery service companies can help you grow your business in a competitive landscape. The courier’s role […]Read More

The Advantages of Direct Expedited Delivery Services

Business owners are constantly seeking ways to speed up the delivery of their goods and materials. When time is of the essence, direct expedited delivery services can be a game-changer. Redkey Express, a leading shipping and delivery company based in Cincinnati, understands the value of expedited deliveries for time-sensitive shipments, because many of our customers […]Read More

Understanding the Importance of Hot Shot Delivery

In the fast-paced world of logistics, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to meet the ever-growing demands of their customers. One such solution that has gained immense popularity locally is hot shot delivery service in Cincinnati. This is one of our most-requested services at Redkey Express, one of Greater Cincinnati’s best delivery service firms. If […]Read More