19 Reasons to Use our Warehouses for Construction Supplies and Industrial Machinery

Choosing a warehouse for your supplies and machinery can be an arduous process. But if you know what to look for, you can confidently pick a warehouse well-suited to your needs.

Be sure to check reviews and references, and speak to a manager of the warehouse—in person at the warehouse if possible—before you make a decision. It may take a little extra time, but you will save time and money in the long run if you don’t have to change warehouses after a year or two.

Why Warehouse with Redkey Express?

Redkey Express operates warehouse facilities to meet the storage needs of our local delivery service customers. Whether you need short- or long-term storage, we can provide safe, cost-effective warehousing.

The space part

We operate well-designed and well-organized warehouses with shelving appropriate for construction supplies and industrial parts. The spaces are used efficiently to keep customer costs down, all items are easily accessible, and navigation is easy when your goods are needed.

Vertical space is used with tall racks and mezzanine floors for larger or less-frequently-accessed items.

Regular inventory reviews identify slow-moving or obsolete items to make room for more essential products.

Your inventory will be categorized into logical groups based on type, size and usage.

The technology part

Our inventory management software streamlines tracking stock levels, monitoring demand, and simplifying reordering.

Barcodes and RFID make for accurate tracking and faster item retrieval.

Digital tools aid the documentation and reporting of all warehouse operations, including receipts, shipments and inventory levels—and maximize accuracy and accessibility.

Working with customers, we use historical data and market trends to forecast demand. We make inventory adjustment recommendations to prevent overstocks and stockouts.

The people part

We maintain close communications with customers to make sure parts and materials are available when needed. Where applicable, we offer vendor-management inventory (VMI) for critical items.

Last-mile delivery is seamless, whether you choose rush, same-day or next-day, because Cincinnati urgent delivery service is our main business.

Our warehouse staff is regularly trained on the safe and proper handling of warehouse machinery and equipment. Cross-training allows each employee to handle a variety of tasks for flexibility during peak times.

Clear labels on our shelves, racks and storage bins, along with an optimal picking process, cut travel time within the warehouse, and reduces picking errors.

Batch and zone picking make our pickers efficient.

Safety is a top focus. We adhere to the safety standards and regulations for handling industrial machinery and hazardous materials. Regular safety training minimizes accidents.

The quality part

We conduct regular quality control checks to make sure our machinery and equipment are working properly, and that your supplies and industrial parts are in the same condition in which they arrived at the warehouse.

Periodic inspections address any maintenance or repair issues promptly. We keep detailed records of all maintenance work.

The service part

We offer:

  • Short- and long-term storage
  • Small pallet and bulk storage
  • Cross-docking
  • Receiving/stocking
  • Pulling/outbound

Redkey Express storage facilities are monitored with video surveillance and have state-of-the-art alarm and fire suppression equipment.

Shipping and receiving are streamlined for short turnaround times. A digital dock scheduling system manages inbound and outbound shipping effectively.

Keeping Costs Down to Keep You Coming Back

As with all Redkey Express services, we go to great lengths to make sure our warehouse offerings are affordable for our valued clients.

After all, the best new client is an existing, satisfied client who needs more of our services!