How We Provide Better Last-Mile Delivery

To provide excellent customer service while optimizing operations, businesses need superior last-mile delivery (the last leg in the supply chain; often considered the most important). Goods need to get to their destination quickly, cost-efficiently and accurately.

Here are some strategies we use at Redkey Express to win Cincinnati last-mile delivery satisfaction:

Cutting-edge route optimization

With this software, we can plan the most efficient delivery route, taking into account traffic, road closures and delivery windows. Because our software works in real time, we can adapt to changing conditions like delays or new orders.

Real-time tracking

Our drivers us SMS, email, mobile apps and GPS devices that enable real-time tracking and communication, so customers can monitor the progress of their deliveries.

Flexible delivery time windows

We offer flexible delivery times that accommodate customers’ schedules and preferences.

Inventory visibility

For customers who use our warehousing and distribution services, we maintain accurate inventory data to ensure their products are in stock and ready for delivery when they need them.

Our inventory management system helps prevent stockouts and overstock situations.

Efficient warehousing

Picking and packing times are reduced at Redkey Express warehouses through optimized layouts and processes. Automation streamlines order fulfillment.

Collaboration and partnerships

Partnerships allow us to keep vehicles parked throughout Greater Cincinnati for instant access when needed.

Data analytics

Historical delivery data helps us identify patterns and trends that can help in planning and optimizing delivery routes. This data help us make informed decisions about fleet size, staffing and delivery schedules.

Customer communication

From pickup to delivery, we proactively communicate progress and updated delivery times to customers. When needed, we give options for customers to reschedule or redirect their deliveries.


Excellent route optimization reduces our miles on the road. We always choose the smallest vehicle that can accommodate each customers’ cargo, to cut our carbon footprint through lower emissions.

By keeping our vehicles in top condition, we get excellent mileage. When possible within drop deadlines, we combine loads. All of this helps the environment and our customers—through lower costs.


We provide drivers with extensive customer service, safe driving and delivery technology training. They wear uniforms and are taught to interact with customers using courtesy and professionalism.

Drivers who handle special loads, often called “white-glove” are given additional training.

Every year, every driver goes through refresher training to bring them up to speed with new Redkey policies and technologies.

Quality assurance

When they come in and before they leave the warehouse, we make sure goods are accurate and in good condition. We monitor delivery performance regularly to spot areas of our operations that need improvement.

A Superior Cincinnati Last-Mile Delivery Service

We provide last-mile delivery for business-to-business companies, job sites, residential and specialty pickup and delivery needs.

Our routes vary from a few city blocks to several miles in rural areas. We balance speed and cost to exceed customer expectations whenever possible. Technology enables us to navigate congested streets, finding alternative routes as needed.

Live dispatchers dedicated to Redkey Express calls are available 24/7, as are our professional drivers who know Greater Cincinnati streets like the back of their hands.

Responding to Feedback

By proactively seeking customer, driver and warehouse staff feedback, we are constantly refining our last-mile delivery operations.

As customer behavior, technology and e-commerce change, so does last-mile delivery. Doing a good job last week is not good enough: we strive to continuously improve.

Whether you choose rush, same-day or next-day delivery, we do our best with every delivery to earn your business the next time.