What to Consider When Looking for a Jobsite Delivery Service in Cincinnati

Billy from Redkey Express

Who do you call to have materials, equipment or products delivered directly to your construction site, industrial facility or other project?

One of Redkey Express’s specialties is delivering

  • lumber
  • concrete
  • steel
  • plumbing fixtures
  • electrical components
  • machinery
  • HVAC equipment
  • tools and

other supplies to construction, manufacturing and infrastructure development sites.

We provide jobsite delivery services within Cincinnati, and to surrounding areas.

We also help building supply stores get products to contractors so they don’t have to stop working to pick up supplies.

Enhance productivity with reliable delivery of what you need, when you need it

Redkey can save you transportation time and effort, and remove the worry of costly delays.

You save money when consolidating deliveries with us, as well as the time needed to make separate deliveries.

You can track the status of your shipment through our customer portal, or opt for email notifications when your shipment is confirmed, picked up and delivered.

Arranging to have materials delivered just in time, you eliminate the need for on-site storage, and reduce the risk of theft, damage or deterioration.

We have warehouse space available near your jobsite if secure storage is needed until the materials are required.

Why choose Redkey when you have lots of options?

You can have products delivered by your suppliers and vendors. Logistics companies can coordinate deliveries and manage inventory from multiple suppliers.

But Redkey is an excellent choice because we are particularly skilled at transporting goods to jobsites – with the flexibility of various delivery options. We can accommodate specific requirements like expedited delivery or specialized handling.

With a large fleet of various-sized vehicles, we can always choose the most cost-effective truck for your delivery. If your timing is not urgent, we can offer space on a truck stopping at another nearby site to help you save money.

Jobsite delivery considerations

When searching for “delivery services near me,” discuss these factors with each possible carrier you contact:


Ask about their on-time record. Late deliveries can disrupt project schedules and incur additional costs.


What is their accuracy rate? Items delivered should match the order specs precisely. This includes correct

    1. quantities
    2. sizes and
    3. types

of materials.

Do they have experience delivering the kinds of materials you need? Have they worked with your suppliers before? Have they delivered to jobsites near yours?


What can they tell you about their quality record? How often do they deliver items free of defects of damage?


Do they comply with the safety regulations of your industry? What packaging and handling procedures do they have in place to prevent accidents during transport and unloading?


A reliable delivery service provides status updates and promptly addresses any concerns or issues that arise. Because Redkey is a small company, you are always one call away from help. Everyone in our office has the authority to make quick decisions to solve problems.

Customer service

Does the delivery company offer unloading? How do they handle returns or exchanges? What kind of satisfaction rating do they have with repeat customers?

For that matter, how many of their customers ARE repeat customers? That will tell you a lot about their customer service!


Affordability is important, but how well do they maintain their trucks to prevent breakdowns? How long have their drivers been working with the company? Do they treat people well (who will then treat you right?)

If you can avoid setbacks or expenses associated with subpar deliveries, you will save in the long run. Choose Redkey, one of the best delivery service companies in Cincinnati, and your project will have a better chance of success.