Direct/Expedited Delivery (Hot Shot)

A logistical solution that has gained great popularity locally is expedited freight delivery. Also called hotshot or direct delivery this service provides a rapid response to urgent transportation needs, ensuring that critical deliveries reach their destinations swiftly.

This is one of our most-requested services.

How we help clients meet tight deadlines

Redkey Express expedited freight shipping prioritize speed and reliability, helping businesses maintain seamless operations and meet tight deadlines.

Whether it’s

  • an emergency replacement part for manufacturing equipment,
  • medical supplies or
  • any other time-sensitive cargo,

we understand urgency and deliver with focus.

Our fleet of well-maintained trucks–and professional, uniformed drivers to drive them–are strategically positioned to move quickly when client requests are time-sensitive, cutting downtime for businesses and making sure production is not uninterrupted.

Flexible, customized solutions

A big advantage of using a highly-regarded Cincinnati expedited freight company is the flexibility.

We understand each shipment is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements.  Our team works closely with clients to tailor solutions. From the right type of vehicle to an optimized route, our ability to customize ensures our clients receive deliveries that serve their business objectives.


Expedited service isn’t just about speed; it must also be affordable to serve Redkey’s valued customers’ needs. We leverage advanced logistics technology to

  • optimize routes,
  • manage fuel efficiency and
  • minimize overall costs.

Combining speed and efficiency, we provide a service that not only meets gotta-have-it deadlines, but does so in a cost-effective manner, helping clients compete.

Who our Cincinnati expedited delivery company serves

Numerous industries have embraced our expedited freight service as a strategic part of their supply chain:

  • Manufacturers,
  • builders,
  • healthcare organizations and
  • fuel companies

are just a few of the sectors that rely on rapid Redkey Express delivery.

Your one-stop shop for time-sensitive shipping

Our Direct and Expedited Delivery Group offers immediate hot shot deliveries and pre-scheduled service with exclusive use of the vehicle.

With over 20 years of experience making emergency and time-critical deliveries, Redkey Express is a one-stop shop for time-sensitive freight needs.

For all expedited deliveries, we provide dedicated vehicles that travel directly from your pick-up location to your destination. We don’t waste your valuable time accommodating other customers’ cargo on your truck.

Instead, we use a single truck to transport your goods–eliminating excess handling, cross-docking, and sorting.

We are available 24/7/365 to assist with any of your urgent delivery needs.