You have questions. We have answers. Here are some of the most common questions we are asked. If you have any additional questions, feel free to CONTACT US.


How do I schedule a delivery?
Scheduling is completed by calling the Dispatcher at 513.315.5728 with the following:

• the pickup location with date and time
• delivery location with date and time (specific if requested)
• special instructions if applicable
• contact information with name and telephone number if applicable
• reference number or any associated number with the load

How do I verify delivery occurred and who signed for the delivery?
You can call the Dispatcher at any time to obtain any information concerning a specific delivery as they have access to all information provided and received. If there is a need for notification following a delivery with specific information such as the name of a consignee, please communicate the need to the dispatcher when scheduling the delivery and the method of notification i.e. phone call, text message, or email.
What are the rates?
Base rate costs can be defined for your location on demand or provided with a base rate sheet for your location. “Quick or Urgent Quotes” are provided by calling the dispatcher.

Rate costs are calculated by:

• point A to point B delivery miles
• mileage beyond the service area (Tri State region or 275 loop of Cincinnati)
• round trip deliveries from point A to B

Additional rates are calculated by:

• multiple stop deliveries
• fuel surcharges if applicable
• additional rates for special deliveries or times
• vehicle variations in size such as car, truck, cargo van, or box truck size

What is the invoicing, billing, and customer payment process?
Redkey Express collects the following information on every completed run from the driver’s run sheet used in our database:

• pick up location/date/time
• delivery location/date/time
• special instructions
• load type
• reference number or similar (PO, Order Number, Bill of Lading, Packing List)
• miles from Point A to Point B
• consignee signature

Much of the information is imported into our invoicing software and mailed or emailed to your Accounting Department or designated Accounts Payable employee/owner. Redkey Express receives the customer’s payment from either a traditional mailed check or direct deposit into our company’s account.

Do you provide coordination of deliveries with LTL services?
Please contact the Dispatcher for request of coordination with other lines of services. Brian Gray, the owner, will contact his expert transport specialists in providing you options and solutions for your unique delivery.