Our Jobsite Delivery Service Saves Customers Time and Money

Many Redkey Express customers choose jobsite delivery for its convenience, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

It only makes sense to have materials and equipment delivered directly to your jobsite when they are needed for work in progress.

You save the trouble and cost of coordinating with a central warehouse or distribution center when items come directly from the supplier to your jobsite. Fuel costs are reduced, along with the hassle of excess handling and transfers.

With drops from a jobsite delivery service company like Redkey Express, your operations can be streamlined and downtime waiting for supplies cut. You can arrange to have us deliver when your construction timelines dictate, so the need for risky onsite storage is eliminated.

Why choose Redkey for jobsite deliveries in Cincinnati?

  1. Builders trust us to bring them concrete, lumber, steel, plumbing fixtures, electrical components, machinery, HVAC equipment, tools and more. A number of building supply companies call on us to regularly get rush orders delivered quickly to jobsites around Greater Cincinnati.
  1. You can track the status of your shipment through the Redkey customer portal, or opt for email notifications when your delivery is confirmed, picked up and dropped.
  1. We offer flexible delivery times, including delivery during off-peak hours to minimize work disruptions.
  1. Jobsite delivery is one of our specialties, and we do it cost-effectively. With a large fleet of vehicles of various sizes, we will always choose the least expensive option for your load. If you need items moved comprising 12 skids or less, weighing less than 12,000 pounds, we can transport them in a box truck with liftgate, our most affordable and always-available option.
  1. When it makes sense in terms of needed supplies, you save money consolidating deliveries with Redkey, as well as the time needed for separate deliveries.
  1. If time is of the essence, we offer direct/expedited (hot shot) delivery.
  1. If storage is needed, we can safely keep your order in a nearby Redkey warehouse. If you have a large order, we can dedicate a portion or all of a warehouse to your materials waiting to be delivered.

We are known for providing timely, accurate jobsite deliveries. Plus, our safety and quality records are second to none among Cincinnati jobsite delivery services.

Reliability built on maintenance, street smarts and driver training

With jobsite deliveries, arriving to the right location at the right time is critical. We avoid delays by keeping our vehicles in excellent shape, knowing Cincinnati streets well enough to find detours as needed, and providing ongoing training to our superb drivers. Drivers stick with Redkey Express because we treat everyone right.

Repeat Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Goal

Some jobsite delivery companies require you to waste precious time going through layers of voicemails and bureaucracy to get to someone who can help you with a delivery issue.

Our family-owned and -operated service lives in the sweet spot of “small enough to listen and big enough to deliver.” When you call Redkey Express, whoever answers the phone can help right away. Everyone on our staff has the knowledge and authority to solve problems without getting permission from a supervisor.

Most of our clients are repeat customers who count on Redkey to deliver professionally, affordably and on time. They’ve seen how hard we work to maintain lasting partnerships with our customers. When you succeed, we succeed, so we continuously review our processes and technologies to provide ever-higher-quality delivery solutions.

When you need materials, equipment or products delivered to your construction site, industrial facility or infrastructure development project, visit our Get a Quote page or call/email us to get an instant estimate.