Redkey: Your Premium Cincinnati Liftgate Delivery Service

Choosing delivery via a truck with a liftgate is a smart idea in the following circumstances:

  1. When you need to transport heavy or oversized items like heavy machinery, large appliances, etc.
  2. When you don’t have a loading dock or forklift. A box truck with liftgate can load your cargo directly from ground level.
  3. To minimize injury and damage. Manual lifting of heavy items runs the risk of workplace injury and damage of the material. By using a carrier with a liftgate truck, you promote workplace safety.
  4. When efficiency and convenience are important. A liftgate streamlines the loading and unloading processes, reducing the need for extra equipment or labor.
  5. When various types of terrain are involved in the delivery. Liftgate box trucks can navigate various locations. They can deliver to residential areas, construction sites or other locations with limited access.

Every box truck in our extensive fleet has a liftgate. Using a local liftgate delivery service from a trusted Cincinnati based company like Redkey Express simplifies delivery; the box truck driver operates the liftgate, so you do not have to provide extra equipment or manpower to ship large or heavy items.

It saves time and effort for both the shipper and the recipient, ensuring safe and efficient handling of goods during the delivery process.

What makes a good liftgate delivery company?

When you need liftgate delivery around Cincinnati, consider these factors before selecting a service:

  • Reliability
  • Communication
  • Equipment Quality
  • Safety Protocols
  • Customer Service
  • Damage Prevention
  • Flexibility

Check out the company’s website and reviews to see if they have a good reputation for consistent, on-time delivery. Ask peers in your industry who they use. Find out if the delivery service is skilled in transporting the types of goods you need delivered.

You want a service with clear and proactive communications procedures. For example, you can track your Redkey delivery’s progress through an online customer portal, or opt-in for email notifications that your shipment is confirmed, picked up and delivered.

Well-maintained equipment is the baseline for safe and efficient liftgate operation. We conduct regular maintenance and inspections on all our liftgate box trucks, making sure the liftgate mechanisms are working properly.

Written safety protocols for both the delivery personnel and the recipients are critical. They should include proper training for

  • liftgate operation,
  • safety gear and
  • adhering to best practices to prevent injuries.

Customer Service is one of Redkey’s advantages: we are fairly small, so everyone who answers the phone is authorized to solve problems immediately.

Precautions in place to prevent damage to cargo are key to excellent Cincinnati liftgate services. Proper packaging, handling techniques and paying attention to detail during loading/unloading cut the risk of damage or loss.

You also want to consider

  • experience,
  • fleet size,
  • coverage area,
  • insurance and licensing,
  • timeliness and, of course,

Cost is last on the list, because overall value is more complex than just the price for delivering from point A to point B.

Ask the potential carrier about their reliability, punctuality and customer satisfaction.

Choose Liftgate for Efficiency, Safety and Convenience

Especially where manual loading or unloading are impractical or unsafe, your best bet is liftgate delivery. For deliveries of up to 12 skids or 12,000 pounds, a Redkey Express box truck with an attached liftgate platform is the most cost-effective solution as well.

Because things are always changing with our customers, we are flexible. We offer liftgate delivery with our

  1. Courier services
  2. Last mile deliveries
  3. Direct/expedited services (hot shot)
  4. Scheduled and routed deliveries
  5. Air freight services and
  6. Dedicated services

To book a liftgate delivery, visit our Get a Quote page, call or email us for an instant estimate.