Scheduled and Routed Deliveries

Scheduled and routed services are two ways Redkey manages and optimizes delivery. We use these methods to ensure efficient and timely shipping.

What’s the difference between scheduled and routed delivery?

Scheduled deliveries involve prearranged delivery times or dates set in advance based on customer preferences or operational considerations. This approach is often used for flexible drop timeframes. When the end customer can wait for their goods until the normal delivery day/time, Redkey can offer the shipper a better deal.

Here are some other advantages of scheduling your deliveries in advance:

  • Convenience: Scheduled deliveries work well for customers who can choose a delivery window that fits their schedule. This is common in industries like home appliance delivery or furniture delivery.
  • Efficiency: With scheduled deliveries, we can plan routes and allocate resources ahead of time, reducing the chance of delivery delays.
  • Predictability: Everyone involved knows what to expect when the delivery time is set. This helps manage logistics and customer expectations.

Routed deliveries optimize routes dynamically based on real-time data and variables such as package volume, drop locations, traffic conditions and delivery time constraints.

This approach is best-suited for time-sensitive or on-demand delivery, and has a number of advantages:

  • Real-time optimization: We use technology and algorithms to continually optimize our delivery routes. These tools cut travel time and fuel costs, and maximize efficiency—which reduce your total cost.
  • Flexibility: Routed deliveries can be adapted to changing conditions, including unexpected delays or additional deliveries, ensuring that routes remain efficient and deliveries stay on schedule.

Some of Redkey’s clients combine scheduled and routed delivery approaches. For example, someone who needs a package sent by courier service might use our scheduled deliveries for less time-sensitive shipments and our routed deliveries for more urgent or on-demand requests.

The choice between scheduled and routed deliveries depends on various factors, including

  1. the nature of the goods being delivered,
  2. customer expectations and
  3. the need for operational efficiency.

Ultimately, both methods provide timely and reliable deliveries while making the most of resources. Our skilled, live dispatchers, on the job 24/7, can help you decide what service makes the most sense for your situation.

Save money with our local delivery service company for recurring needs

Redkey Express can reduce your costs with ultra-reliable scheduled, recurring deliveries 24 hours a day. This service is perfect for any situation that requires repetitive, regular local delivery.

With our continuously-growing, asset-based fleet of meticulously-maintained vehicles, we can ensure your deliveries will arrive on time every time. In addition, with our cutting-edge routing technology, we guarantee your goods will be delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

No contracts

Unlike our competitors, we do not require any contracts. This means we’ll do everything possible to ensure you’re happy with our service and keep you on budget and on schedule.

We will always go the extra mile to ensure your goods are dropped quickly and safely, and because of this, you’ll be able to trust Redkey Express for many years to come.